Commercial Roof Maintenance

Prevent Problems Before Leaks Occur:

All roofs must be maintained in order to gain the maximum possible life expectancy. With regular maintenance you can extend the life of your roof system and know about problems prior to them showing up as leaks and damage to the interior of your building.

Regular Inspections:

Regular inspections allow us to see exactly how your roof is handling the abuse of the elements. This abuse can be magnified by HVAC equipment that you may have on your roof, due to maintenance personnel walking across the roof, erecting ladders, or dropping items on membranes.

Roof Cleaning:

Cleaning your roof of debris (i.e. limbs, glass bottles, dirt) will help you gain the maximum life from your investment. Reflective roofs are of special concern simply because dust builds up and lessens the roof's ability to reflect the sun's rays away from your building.

Correct Problems before They Get Really Expensive:

When a roof leaks, it may take time for the problem to show up inside. During this time, the leak is causing damage to the internal components and by the time the leak is actually seen, the repair may have become much more expensive. Regular maintenance and inspection by a professional roofing contractor can help prevent these problems and save you a great deal of time and money.

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