Mueller, Inc.

About Mueller:

Mueller, Inc. began more than 80 years ago, when Walter Mueller opened the Mueller Sheet Metal Company in Ballinger, Texas. He provided high-quality water cisterns crafted from sheet metal to local farmers and ranchers. Over the years, the business expanded to include other sheet metal products related to building construction.

The company was purchased in 1984 by the Burly Corporation, a privately held firm owned by the Davenport family. Ever since, Mueller has experienced rapid growth to become a leading manufacturer of pre-engineered metal buildings and metal roofing products.

Their headquarters are still located in Ballinger, Texas, but now serves the entire Central and Southwest United States with 30 branch locations in Texas, New Mexico, Louisiana and Oklahoma.

We own and operate three Texas-based manufacturing facilities – in Ballinger, Amarillo, and Conroe – where all of their metal roofing and steel building products are engineered and manufactured.

Why Buy Mueller?

Compared to traditional roofing, Mueller metal roofs come out on top.

Beauty. With Mueller roofs, you can choose from a wide variety of attractive designer colors.

Durability. Metal roofs last much longer than both composition roofs and wooden shingles.

Weather Resistance. Mueller roofs offer superior protection from wind, hail and fire.

Longevity. Mueller offers limited paint warranties up to 30 years. Your roof will look fresh and vibrant for decades.

Energy Efficiency. Because of their high-tech coatings, Mueller roofs may help lower your air conditioning and heating bills.

Insurance Savings. Insurance companies may offer discounts up to 35% for homes with Mueller metal roofs. Check with your insurance agent.

Low Maintenance. Install your metal roof and then forget about it.

Environmentally friendly. The recycled content of steel in metal roofing is much higher than the recycled content in asphalt shingles. Plus, because a metal roof weighs less than shingles, it can often be installed directly over your existing roof, saving the environmental as well as financial costs associated with removal and disposal.


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