Metal Roof Repair

Metal Roofs Rarely Fail Completely:

One of the many great things about metal roofing is that panels can be replaced independently of one another, saving you a fortune on a full replacement. We specialize in finding problem areas and providing a remedy that makes sense over replacing an entire roof simply because a few parts of it are leaking.

Metal Roof Penetrations:

Penetrations through roof panels for equipment or vents are the most common leaking areas. We are experts at locating these problems and addressing them in a way that will bring the longevity back to your metal roof. New boots, rubber seals, or seam tape may be needed to repair, but once we see it in person we will know exactly what the course will be. Call us today for a free estimate on your metal roof repair.

Exposed Fasteners:

Many metal roofs with exposed fasteners use a self-tapping screw with a neoprene seal to help keep the seal tight as the roof expands and contracts. Over time, this neoprene seal begins to break down, and as the majority of the damage is caused at the top of the screw as water travels down it, the top comes apart first. As the neoprene fails, it literally acts as a scoop that channels water through the roof and into your building. In this instance, it would be wise to replace the fastener with a new, over-sized screw with neoprene that will grab the existing penetration and hold tight. Once replaced, the original integrity of the roof is regained.

Leaking Skylights:

Metal roof skylights are particularly prone to leaks at the end of their working life. You have several options concerning leaking skylight panels and we will be happy to talk with you about them. In most cases the skylight can be removed and replaced without an entire roof replacement, and if your roof can be repaired, we will tell you the truth.

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